coat Elsa black

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Wool coat with a sense of the late 30s. The collar and cuffs is made in finest European false fur.  The model is flared but still slender. You can fold the cuffs to your perfect lenght of sleeves. The collar has a rigid hook and loop so that you can fold up and close it close to your neck. Perfect for the look of the retro movie star but aslo charming with a mixe of folkloristic accessories.
Color: black wool and false fur in shades of honey and grey.
Fabric: 100 % wool Shetland type. Lining: 80 % viscose, 15 % poly, 5 % elastan
Wash: Dry clean only
Price: 4490 Sek. Approx price in € 415
Small in sizes.
Only in physical shop, but you are welcome to mail us if you prefer us to send directly from our shop.